Fadil Oktay‘s translation of Donya Mirzaei‘s two poems (Persian to English).

Editor’s note: Donya Mirzaei submitted these poems in the poetry section. But because she originally wrote it in Persian, she readily agreed to publish it in the translation section along with the originals.



My Room

Full of invisible hands

Some of them

shaking my hands

Some of them 

Throttling my throat!



The Mirror


The loneliness of my sadness

When I stand in front of it

I’m one person

The loneliness

Two person!

Donya Mirzaei, was born in Tehran on 11 March 1980. Besides her own poems; She also appeared in Iranian and Turkish literary magazines with the poems of many poets she translated. She also translated the poetry books of Turkish poets and writers into Persian and the poetry books of Persian poets into Turkish.
Fadil Oktay is a Turkish poet. His first book with his earlier poems “Kozmosda Yalnızlar” was published in 2003 and his second book “Lay Lay Dilayla” followed this in 2009. His third book “Kendine Sesleniş” published at 2014. Ironic sight, imagery, rich usage of words and large culture knowledge make his poems interesting for the readers and he became one of the well known Turkish poet in his country.. He has published many books. His previous 4 books are translated from Turkish language and published under the name of “ İpek Yolu Hayaletleri” in Persian language in Iran at 2021 with translations of Iranian poet Donya Mirzaei. Many poems of him also translated to some other languages. Recently, his 6th book published at 2022 as “ Turkiye ve Nepal Şairleri Seçkisi” containing the poems 16 Turkish and 16 Nepal poets. He Works together with other World poets for more international poet projects. His poems and writings published also in many poetry magazines.

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