About DoubleSpeak

Express and be heard…

A literary magazine, a window, a voice and probably a bit more…

Doublespeak is a literary magazine. This could have been all that we wanted here to be shown and yet there are a few things that appeared important to share. There are many digital spaces where literary materials ranging from poems, prose, research articles, letters, opinions and discourses can be published. Doublespeak doesn’t come with a promise to be very different from a few of them. This magazine would try and publish all sorts of literary pieces from creators who could be famous or not so famous. In a time when almost anything passes as a literary piece owing to a democratic snowball of like, share/re-share and promote buttons, Doublespeak aims to marry the joy of reading with learning a logical manner to critique them at the same time. We offer a forum where the readers can directly write letters to the authors, expressing their views on any piece and we expect a mutual learning process to ensue thereon. Doublespeak also provides a space for images, photographs to be precise, where one can express the abstraction through a process of mere documentation. 

Along with independent writing and photography, Doublespeak offers a unique space where collaborative processes can find a meaningful context. There are people who need a voice because they can’t find their own and there are artists who need the fodder from those muted or gagged voices to express in the most significant language of art. Doublespeak aims to bring these two groups together with an aim to substantiate the therapeutic nature of words and images.

Doublespeak is a magazine which is free, we don’t have money and we don’t ask for it either. We have an excellent team of editors who have agreed to work together because they find joy in doing it, at least that’s what they say. The editors do not care about anything but the truth that is there in the words and images of the content. Doublespeak is not loyal to any idea or group of people except for the polity of free-expression that is not choked by the discriminatory tools of the society. The readers might be provoked, offended, overwhelmed, irritated with the contents of the magazines, but they will not be subjected to mindless profanity and nugatory exclamations of idle minds. We believe in celebrating art that is manifestation of the mind, in which our species takes an extruding pride, through careful observations of the norms of aesthetics, with a conscious intent of going beyond.

Read Doublespeak, write for us and if you find it helping you becoming a stronger and more humane self of yours, our job is done.