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A literary magazine

Read, be read, see, be visible … hopefully you’ll find more strength and happiness…


Verses, free or bound by meters – voices of the subconscious – images, colours and may be music from words


Characters, entwined in events, small and strange – density of details married to the colours of the mind

Literary Essays

Perspectives, articulated with facts and logic – rendezvous of academia with a casual reader – literary in nature


Documentation principles blending with aesthetics of abstract art – colours, shades, compositions


A homogeneous blend to complement the abstraction of images with words – letters, colours, shapes all in a frame


Emotions and concepts at the fulcrum – a different language with may be a different light to see beyond the words

Collaborative Projects

Muted words needing a pen or a lens to express the gagged emotions – connecting with people of different skill sets


Reaching out to the favourite authors, poets, photographers – critique and analyse with the lost art of letter-writing

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Double is a free online magazine. You can read and submit for free. Feel free to reach out.

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