Collaboration Space

Collaboration Space

The words and images are already there – find them in you with someone else.


There are people all around us who went or are going through phases of life where they are experiencing a stream of emotions, may be too much to handle. There are evidences that sharing such experiences often helps in emotional recovery. This section will try and bring together the two distinct groups, one who wants to share the experiences but lacks the skill of artistic expressions and another who would want to give shape to those unsaid words through their mastery over words and images. This space hopes to provide an opportunity for those gagged and muted voices to find some significance through an artistic articulation.


Interested individual(s) can:

  • mail directly to DoubleSpeak with an intent of collaborating and seek for a potential collaborator. We at DoubleSpeak will try and connect people on both sides and the initiated discussion should bring out a publishable piece in any form accepted.

  • choose their own group of collaborators and work independently to prepare any piece for submission. In which case the submission should include a letter giving us the context and modalities of the collaboration.

  • take professional suggestions from any counsellor or therapist before reaching out to us. We understand the sensitivity of each individual case and we will only proceed in this case with a formal approval from the counsellor or therapist.


Submissions will be accepted in any category viz. Poetry, Fiction, Literary Essays, Photography, Photo-Stories or Translations, but the submitted work will be published in the Collaborative Project section. Also along with the piece for submission, a small foreword describing the context and process of collaboration should be given, which will be published along with the main piece. Interested collaborators are requested to have a look at the guidelines for each category.