DoublSpeak is a free online magazine, we neither pay the authors nor ask for money for publication.


DoubleSpeak will try and ensure that something that is published elsewhere, both in either free or proprietary platforms, will not be published here. We will also not publish any content which is plagiarised, or heavily copied from any other source. Such submissions will be flagged and authors or photographers taking resort to such act will not be allowed to publish any further.


Whenever any piece, published in DoubleSpeak, is shared on any platform we would want it to be shared with proper citation. The mode of citing each piece will be given at the end of each post. We have no resources to fight a legal battle if pieces published in DoubleSpeak are shared or published elsewhere without proper citation or permission from us. But we will keep posting about such malpractice on our social-media platforms to make sure our disapproval is heard.

We should share, we must not copy, neither should we share without proper citation. Respect for the authors and the publication houses shouldn’t be a thing to beg for.

We don’t know who said that…but we believe in it