“…In short, to write a good letter you must approach the job in the lightest and most casual way. You must be personal, not abstract. You must not say, “This is too small a thing to put down.” You must say, “This is just the sort of small thing we talk about at home. If I tell them this they will see me, as it were, they’ll hear my voice, they’ll know what I’m about.” That is the purpose of a letter….”
— AG Gardiner, On Letter Writing.

Ujjaini Roy‘s letter.

Dear Editor As an avid reader of poetry, I have taken myself through all the poems featured in the June issue of Double Speak. And yes, I enjoyed reading them all. However, just the way some people stay and grow on us, some poems do too. There is one specific poem (I take the liberty […]

Pritha Banerjee Chattopadhyay‘s letter.

Dear Team Doublespeak Thank you for coming up with the idea of the magazine for what it is and congratulations for not giving up on the ideals that you must have commenced the journey with. Readers today have a plethora of digital work to read from and I personally think that gives us the opportunity […]

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