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After six issues of so many different kinds of creative pieces, DoubleSpeak is reflecting happily on what all have been achieved thus far. Above all, DoubleSpeak has managed to gain trust among many creative artists of words and images, from all around the world. In this issue as well, we bring to you evidences of such trusting gestures. We are publishing in this issue a range of poems, stories, essays, photo-albums, photostories, translations, and interesting collaborations. Apart from a host of Indian artists, we have artistic contributions from Europe, Africa, America and our neighbouring countries of Nepal and Bangladesh. We have pieces written by both internationally published and aspiring poets and authors. We have words and images by scientists, teachers, advocates, students and even dreamers. This issue brings to you some excellent pieces and even ones which would need a lot of feedback and encouragement from the readers. The pieces which you would find wanting for any sort of constructive criticism, please do write to us as letters. We are honest enough to publish them in the coming issue as letters. We hope you all would enjoy this issue and continue to support a free online magazine like ours. I remain grateful to all my friends for their encouragement and support.    

List of Contributors

PoetryAadrit Banerjee
Akhil Katyal
Argha De
Ayushi Chandra
Binod Dawadi
Bruce McRae
Hanzala Mojibi
John Grey
Linda M Crate (2)
Maid Čorbić
Ndaba Siabnda
Nishant Paul
Patricia Walsh (2,3)
Pritha Banerjee Chattopadhyay
Sabiha Afrose
Shuvra Das
FictionAnanda Dasgupta
Duhita Banerjee
Zai Apte
EssayAnirban Ghosh and Sharmili Bhowmik
Arjun Shivaji Jain
Indranil Banerjee
Ndaba Sibanda
Prachi Srivastava
Sambit Roychowdhury
Ujjaini Roy
Victor Mukherjee
PhotographyAna Paula Di Berardo
Ana Stjelja
Arnab Chaudhuri
Soumen Mandal
Shamin Kulkarni
Photo-StoriesAnannya Dasgupta
Rohan Rathod
TranslationPriyanka Trehan
Supurna Dasgupta
CollaborationGemini Lovers
Linda Crate and Kaushik Saha
LettersArpan Krishna Deb

DoubleSpeak is a literary magazine which is edited for quality and integrity, and it is absolutely free. Guided strongly by the values of free-expression, academic honesty and equality of all individuals, the magazine aims to maintain a platform where voices from various sources will have a larger audience. We hope that the unadulterated joy of finding new things within and around us, will remain the main focus of our team.

The editorial team is a group of enthusiastic volunteers who are successful professionals in their own fields. Learn more about the team members and the idea of DoubleSpeak. Also go through our policies, which undoubtedly are the simplest among the ones you would find anywhere