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DoublSpeak is bringing to you its 8th issue. It is an absolute joy, albeit surreal to a large extent that this little and free online magazine is hosting authors and artists from around the world. All the contributors are kind as they responded to the requests and calls for submissions to make this issue alive. Quite like the previous issues, we bring to you poems, stories, essays, photographs, photostories and translations from various Indian artists. To go with it we have words and images from all around the world – Croatia, Australia, England, African Continent, United States of America, and a few more. For the first time we are publishing songs in the poem section by a Croatian song-writer. Also translations from old Mayan and Latin texts is a new addition to this issues. The core fabric of our authors and artists speaks about the need to celebrate diversity in form and content. Being an atheist it was an experience to publish works with deep religious and spiritual essence in them and yet this issue brings together certain pieces which have Hinduism, Islam and Catholicism in them. We hope you will love reading this issue. Please read and share with your friends and family. It is completely free. We encourage you to write to us with your critical and analytical views about the pieces published. We will publish them as letters. As the managing editor of DoubleSpeak, I remain grateful, as always, to my friends and the artists who had faith in us. Happy reading!

List of Contributors for December 2022 issue

PoetryAbdulbasit Oluwanishola
Alisha Nangia
Aniket Banerjee
Anushka Charaborty
Argha De
Ayan Banerji
Barbara Simmons (2)
Debarag Banerjee
Dee Allen (2)
Denny Tomas
Douglas Colston (2)
Guna Moran
Joel Oyeleke Ifeoluwa
Maid Čorbić
Mukta Asnikar
Ndaba Sibanda
Paromita Goswami
Patricia Walsh (2)
Pritha Banerjee Chattopadhyay
Sanil M Neelakandan
Samit Bhattacharya
Shalom Aranas
Shalom Kasim
Todd Mercer
Zoran Hercigonja
FictionAndrew Paul Grell
Dibyasree Nandy
Keith Hoerner
Murali Kamma
Nilambara Banerjee
EssayAnissa Sboui
Indranil Banerjee
Pawel Markiewicz
Ujjaini Roy
PhotographyMathias Nyborg
Purna Mukherjee
Sayan Mondal
Photo-StoriesDebarghya Dey
Irina Tall (2)
Ishan Kohli
Koushik Saha
Namrata Sarma
Saranya Ganguly
TranslationMartina Rimbaldo (2)
Supurna Dasgupta
CollaborationDouglas Colston and Koushik Saha
LettersArpan Krishna Deb

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