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DoublSpeak is bringing to you its 7th issue. It is a bit overwhelming how authors and artists from around the world responded to the requests and calls for submissions to make this issue alive. We have poems and stories from all around the world – Russia, Iran, Turkey, Ireland, United States of America, Philippines, England and of course India. For the first time we are publishing a one act play in the fiction section. Also the occurrence of digitally created images to compliment a poem as a photo-story is a first of many. We have wonderful collaborative pieces by friends and people who never even met each other. We have two very beautifully written letters to critically analyse two of our previously published pieces. Our authors and artists comprise a very diverse group of scientists, professional and amateur poets, film-makers, recovering alcoholics, corporate professionals, doctors, students and academicians. We hope you will love reading this issue. Please read and share with your friends and family. It is completely free. We encourage you to write to us with your critical and analytical views about the pieces published. We will publish them as letters. As the managing editor of DoubleSpeak, I remain grateful to my friends and the artists who had faith in us. Happy reading!

List of Contributors

PoetryAadrit Banerjee
Aleksandra Lekić Vujisić
Asare Senorita
Babangida B. Shira
Charbel Nicolas
Chidiebere Enyia
Christian Ward
Dessy Tsvetkova
DS Maolalai
Dušan Stojković
Eftichia Kapardeli
Fabrice Poussin
Gerard Sarnat
Hale Zare Neirizi
Jibendu Narayan Mazumder
Joanathan Fletcher
Kanica Soni
Kimberly Stowe Green
Lohran Jay
Maid Čorbić
Michael Lee Johnson
Muhammed Farhaan
Pawel Markiewicz
Royden Preston
Sriparna Mitra
FictionBhumika R
Chidiebere Enyia
DC Diamondopolous
Declan Gerathy
Dibyasree Nandy
Gary Beck
John Mueter
Leon Taylor
Lohran Jay
Pawel Markiewicz
Todd Embry
EssayHargun Gujral
Indranil Banerjee
Niño Saavedra Manaog
Sambuddha Sanyal
PhotographySatadru Wrik Sen
Alexey Pehov
Phil Temples
Photo-StoriesBishal Bashyal
Muhammed Munavver
TranslationPriyanka Trehan
Fadil Oktay
CollaborationDS Maolalai and Gui Moraes
Koushik Saha and Zai Gulmohar
LettersPritha Banerjee Chattopadhyay
Ujjaini Roy

DoubleSpeak is a literary magazine which is edited for quality and integrity, and it is absolutely free. Guided strongly by the values of free-expression, academic honesty and equality of all individuals, the magazine aims to maintain a platform where voices from various sources will have a larger audience. We hope that the unadulterated joy of finding new things within and around us, will remain the main focus of our team.

The editorial team is a group of enthusiastic volunteers who are successful professionals in their own fields. Learn more about the team members and the idea of DoubleSpeak. Also go through our policies, which undoubtedly are the simplest among the ones you would find anywhere