Letter from the founder of DoubleSpeak Magazine

Dear friends of DoubleSpeak,

Thank you. This could have been all and yet I find myself writing much more to you. Yes, we are still up and running, not making any money, but making new friends in every single issue of DoubleSpeak. We can take pride in saying that DoubleSpeak is one magazine which has published works from all around the world, irrespective of any political or cultural standpoints. We have given this space to all those creative minds who just needed to reach out to a bigger audience with their expressions. And no one is happier than me for that. 

As we complete two years of our journey, we have reached certain milestones. The previous issues are all available now in the archive section. Our steady progress has found some appreciation and acknowledgement in the community and we have found listing mentions on Duotrope and Motif.Ink. So officially DoubleSpeak is now an international magazine. 

It takes a lot of people to create a shared space for expressions. It takes courage to share our ideas and deepest fears with absolute strangers. The contributors of DoubleSpeak are those brave people who wrote, created images and collaborated, perhaps, in the most civilised manner that the world can expect. We have built a community which is truly heterogeneous in identity and ideology and yet we come together under the arch of humanity and art. That's our place and I am grateful to my friends as they helped me find that space. DoubleSpeak is a small magazine, but our aim is huge. I hope we will be able to get more people to write, express without fear, argue with logic and compassion and help each other grow in mind.

Thank you all.

Arpan Krishna Deb

Founder and Managing Editor

DoubleSpeak Magazine 

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