Mayuresh Vijay Mane‘s mini album: Samsara

Photographer’s Note: The photogrpaher hs seen farming by doing them in a very harsh conditions. Now when his generation is moving to the cities to earn a bread and lifestyle small farmers still struggle to make ends meet, even today. In one picture his uncle and aunt were discussing about drought conditions and field crop (early in the morning). And in another picture (next day) they were both milking the buffalo together (early in the morning). He remembers at that time his cousin was trying so hard to get into Indian Military and the very next year he did get into it. It’s Samsara, It’s Do or Die, It’s Motivation.

Mayuresh Vijay Mane ( #mayureshvm) is an engineer by Profession, creative by intuition. He believes that sometimes it’s hard to cut one’s umbilical connection, the place where one came from. And when everything around one is changing so fast, it’s even harder. He try to capture these beautiful nostalgic moments before it vanishes out completely.

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