Gokulananda Nandan‘s letter: Worry, Worrier and Warrior – The burden of worry in parenthood

Dear Editor,

Shefali Chowdhary’s essay “When to stop worrying”, published on 28th September 2021, reminds me of my fatherhood. However, the tide of personal worry for my three-and-a-half-year-old daughter flows rather inversely – from being worrier to worried – as compared to the mental schema of Chowdhary.

Undoubtedly there is a difference between being a parent of a grown-up child and a kid slated to step in her school life for the first time.

As a parent the most worrisome moment is the birth of the child – How the baby would look like? Would be the baby fine? Would sh/e be okay after the birth? Multiple questions capable of making any father loaded with insurmountable worry creeps into the mind. It is a moment that not only would make a father worrier – even worriest – but also a warrior to battle out the anguish for the life of both child and wife.

However, as the new-born baby grows up, starts crawling, then walking, later speaking, parents become less worried, and so did I, observing more stability in baby’s life than her neo-natal stage. As a result, mind becomes worried than worrier. 

The burden of worry would always linger in parents’ life. It is a behavioural issue as Chowdhary has underlined. Sometimes our worry remains worry, sometimes we becomes worrier; however, we, parents, always remain front-line warriors to shield them from any burden our children face.

Gokul is a high-school teacher of Spanish. Carrying a diverse fabric of training from his alma mater, Visva-Bharati, Gokul’s hobbies range from playing Sitar to studying investigative journalism. He is one of the few twitter-enthusiasts who is not bothered about the trolls.

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