Letter from the Founder of DoubleSpeak Magazine

Dear readers,

Thank you. And that could well be all what I had to say to you. But how much is the gratitude that I carry for you, perhaps, is not expressible through those two words – ‘thank you’. When we thought of bringing out this free online magazine, we never thought that we would be able to find an ambition of sorts. But your support and care have given us that hope that a space which is not measured in money can still sustain and inspire an ambition of honest collaboration. Yes, it’s DoubleSpeak’s birthday today and let us stand around (the logo is circular, so in principle we can) and sing that song for DoubleSpeak. I believe if Doublespeak was a human being, she/he would be blowing a hundred candles with the most amazing smile in her/his face. There is no harm in such wishful (absurd) thinking because the joy of making through 4 issues and celebrating with the 5th is truly inexplicable.

Well, the elation put out in the beginning helps now to concentrate on more serious matters at hand. A careful reader would find a wide spectrum in quality of the works published. There are of course pieces which are written by master artists and there are pieces by absolute rookies as well. One can criticise such a selection policy and would do so quite rightly. DoubleSpeak set out on this journey with a view based on a principle, the principle of sharing ideas in the most civilised manner, for we believe art is an expression of civilisation or what it could be without it. In such a society, we expect us to express our likes and dislikes through proper articulation and logic. Since its conception, DoubleSpeak has urged the readers to write feedback to improve, not only the quality of pieces published but also the skills and craft of the artists involved. When trolling in social media platforms has taken the shape of a dedicated profession, we here in DoubleSpeak stage our protest by offering that space for educated people. Write to us about what you like about us or those things about us which you do not like at all. We will publish them as letters. Help the rising and aspiring artists with your logical criticism to improve on their craft and art. We hope that with our efforts, however small it might appear to be, we can create a group (preferably large) of people who can have dialogues and discussions without mindless insults and needless offences.

We are aware that our sections are not really fulfilling the respective definitions. For example, we have published memoirs in essays, a single-photo-essay in photostories and a few more of such things. I personally expected readers to write back to me, pointing out that flaw. Indeed there were decisions made which required greater introspection and perhaps we will improve in the future. We are also aware that we are a bit behind schedule in uploading the portable/downloadable versions of the previous issues. I promise that will be done within a month’s time.

With that, I would like to invite you again to read and share the works published here. And do write to us with your views and opinions. We welcome that and eagerly wait for your reviews.

With love and gratitude

Arpan Krishna Deb

Founder – DoubleSpeak Magazine.

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