Jibendu Narayan Mazumder’s poem: Goodbye!! Olga, the blessed

Like a ray of sparkling sunlight in the sky clean blue,

Your smile let a thousand lilies bloom.

Over the moon was I. Did I ever say this to you?

I wish you knew all that clouds my mind tonight;

How I want to hold you a little longer,

Cuddle you a little more and shine in delight.

But, like all good things must end one day;

Finally, It is time to bid you goodbye,

‘Farewell Little Princess’ is all that I have to say.

Fanatics have poured in from across the border;

Invading and ravaging our beautiful land,

Plunging the country in gloom and disorder.

I will fight the raiders with all my might,

With molotov cocktails or makeshift guns,

With sticks or bare hands; whatever is in sight.

I will stand as a human shield for them to slew,

I will fall before their tanks to slow them down,

I will do all it takes. They will never reach you.

I give my today so that you can be free;

I will watch over you from yonder hilltop,

This world and next, I only have you, as you have me.

Note from the editor: This poem is inspired from a photograph of a father leaving to fight for his country, Ukraine, against the invasion from Russia. The photograph made and perhaps is still making rounds in the social media.

Jibendu Narayan Mazumder is an award-winning author and technology evangelist. Jibendu graduated with an MBA degree from Boston University, USA. He has extensive experience of working with top MNCs across the globe.

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