Bishal Bashyal‘s photostory: Farewell

You manifest a sewist in yourself,

as you knit the words with delicacy,

you choose the best needle and the best threads

life has offered you,

you buy the best sewing machine,

and every day, you pick your pieces,

one by one, letter by letter,

you spill the needles on your fingers,

they are red and tired, they have never stopped,

but you don’t care,

half dead, half afraid

you have spent a portion of your life on this,

sewing and reknitting everything,

as you are finally ready with,

the best poem of your life,

the one you’ve been writing for centuries,

you wrap it around the only envelope you have,

you put the envelope on the ravens legs,

as it sails for hours, before she finds it,

there it is, a lifetime of sewing and knitting put together,

on her desk, being shredded with coldness and denial,

like a farewell to all the poems you have ever knitted,

in life.

Note: The photographs are digitally generated images. The artist wants to merge the imageries and possible abstraction of the poem with these images, thus creating an organic whole of the idea of farewell.

Bishal Bashyal likes to roam free in the realms of dissociated hostile emotions of regrets and death, love, dreams and things beyond life. He often says he is a happy man because his poems carry the burden of his regrets. This apart, You will always find Bishal somewhere aiming for the moon with a smile on his face.

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