Muhammed Munavver‘s photostory: Poya, How much the people of Valad is connected with the river.

Once upon a time, Pharaoh, the cruel ruler of Egypt, had a dream in which a child, born under his authority, set fire to Pharaoh’s beard. Pharaoh saw in the dream that a child was born in the land to question his empire.  Following this, realising that Pharaoh’s soldiers were killing all the children in the country, Prophet Musa’s mother put him in a beautiful box and drowned him in the Nile River.  At this time Asia Biwi (his wife who was a victim of Pharaoh’s atrocities) who was bathing in the river Nile, was swimming in a box.

The Photographer concludes that when one experiences the story of a person who had a childhood in the river of Valad, the image of a beautiful box floating while Asia Biwi is washing clothes with Kabani soap on the stone by the river in Valad, life of that person is somehow intrinsically entwined with the flow.

Muhammed Munavver hails from Wayanad, Kerala. He is a student in the college of Quran. His interests include diversity of language and folk culture.

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