Petrouchka Alexieva‘s trio of poems.

Chanting In Front of the Painting

I painted your face

On the canvas of dreams –

Brush stroke after brush stroke,

Glimpse after glimpse.

From my palette of love and desire

I painted your eyes

With the velvety dye

Of an evening sapphire sky.

I painted your lips from the crimson fire

Of the cherry-red blazing sunset.

I painted your skin

from the silk ocean spray

Of the bursting midnight wave.

I painted your face on the dreaming cliffs

With help of the scented breeze.

Brush stroke after brush stroke,

Glimpse after glimpse…

Here I am – simple and naked,

Still on my knees, burning and praying

In between my innocent yesterday

And my new enigmatic day.

I am here…in front of the painting

Chanting your name…again and again…

Salvage of Broken Heart

I was on my way to go home today

When I found in park

Seven red roses left 

on the winter bench

Covered with snow.


I did not want them to freeze.

It seems

That somebody’s heart was broken,

But what the gentle blossoms

Did wrong? This is very unfair!


Love is not fair! Life is not fair!

Yes, I know…That’s why

I salvaged the pieces of somebody’s love.

I salvage the pieces of somebody’s

Broken heart.

Riding a Unicorn

I am riding my crispy-white unicorn

With sparkling star on his horn.

Where I am going?

Silver moonlight from above

is painting a path

Among blossoming meadows

Of my dreams and desires.

I am riding my unicorn

Through the mist;

Barefooted, with veil on my hips,

Softly wearing my morning tiara,

Cleansing gently my soul

In the whispering creek.

Where I am going?

I am riding

Towards the morning.

Don’t wake me up, please…

Petrouchka Alexieva is a well-known as a feminist, a LOVE poet, distinguished scholar and TV persona. She is an “All American Scholar Award“ recipient (2008). Speaking 8+ languages, her poems and scholarly works highlighted in TV show, varieties of venues and opening ceremonies. Ms. Alexieva’s name was included in NASA’s list of Mars Exploration Rover (2003) and Science Laboratory Rover (2011) capsules.

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