Petrouchka Alexieva‘s duo of poems.

It is Wednesday

It is Wednesday

I’m in a hurry to be there

In the same intersection

Of “Heart Boulevard” and “Love Street”

At number13.

The weather is beautiful,

The sunshine may vary,

But my love is always pristine.

I keep my deep little secret

In a heart of a blossom

Where all my beautiful feelings

Are waiting for you.

Isn’t it awesome?

Father’s Heart

Black warning flags wave on the wind

Sirens sound loud on the shore.

Big thunders roar far in the sea.

All fisher boats are rushing back home

Only one is sailing towards the storm.

The old fisher man stares with hope

That he will get just on time,

To help his son and pull the trawl

Before the clouds bring the dark.

No storm can scare the father’s heart.

Petrouchka Alexieva is a well-known as a feminist, a LOVE poet, distinguished scholar and TV persona. She is an “All American Scholar Award“ recipient (2008). Speaking 8+ languages, her poems and scholarly works highlighted in TV show, varieties of venues and opening ceremonies. Ms. Alexieva’s name was included in NASA’s list of Mars Exploration Rover (2003) and Science Laboratory Rover (2011) capsules.

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