Pritha Banerjee Chattopadhyay‘s poem: There’s this boy

There's this boy I hide

in my poetry, when I write about

wind chimes dancing at the tunes

of heartbeats – they're his.

When I write about the hand that holds mine

as if it was looking for it

since the beginning of forevers – it's his.

He sits between the spaces

of my words like the warm space

I never thought I deserved,

he is like the waves to the ocean

of my metaphors – hitting the shore

and taking me away with itself.

Every time he looks at me, and doesn't talk?

It’s because his eyes are too busy

creating a home for me,

because I have left mine for someplace warm that had camouflaged as safe, because that's what home

is supposed to feel like – not like just some

hiding place.

He scribbles swirls on the length

of my body – and I let him.

My skin stops trembling

the moment it finds the warmth

of his assuring fingers.

He is a paradox, every inch of him,

that on some days he's staring into space

thinking about what happens when one void

meets another,

and on some days he buttons his shirt

incorrectly and screams his favourite songs,

and with every goofy revelation,

I fall in love with him

all over again,

and again,

and again.

My heart has never known what giving up

feels like – only losing.

And each time he pulls me closer

leaving a trail of jitters on every part of me,

Every breath he exhales near

my skin

makes me realise how nothing in the world

could make me give up

on him.

And something about the way he looks at me,

and doesn't look away until I blink first

tells me that he isn't planning to go anywhere


so there's this boy,

I know I have hopelessly been in love with and I wouldn't have it

any other way.

There's this boy.

Pritha is a high school teacher who teaches English Literature. An avid reader she wonders and finds ways to challenge the limitation of her knowledge and understanding of literature and life every time she opens a book. She scribbles to straighten the myriad, incoherent thoughts that do not allow her to rest in peace. She loves to travel and anything musical.

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