Saranya Ganguly‘s photostory: The Eyes Are Not Here

The abstraction and subversion in the lines of the poem, “The Hollow Men” by T.S. Eliot becomes the subject of the artist’s vision. The poem as we see now is not just about life after death. It is about the defeated scenes of humanity, of the lost values of human life. What the struggles of war, the annals of deadly ways to find a living, the conflicts of humanitarian principles to that of political ambitions, take over the simplistic promises of our civilisation, we are left with nothing but some holes to look through. Somehow the artist is taking us with those eyes that might make us see what we have lost, what we could have had, if not for our own stupidity and greed. 

The lines which inspired this art-piece are as follows:

The eyes are not here

There are no eyes here

In this valley of dying stars

In this hollow valley

This broken jaw of our lost kingdoms.


Saranya Ganguly is an artist. She works as a commercial editor. She loves poems, photography but her love with drawing pens, paintbrushes and sketch-boards or easels gets the better of her mostly. She has held exhibitions of her artistic works in Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai and Kolkata Birla Art Gallery.

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