Douglas Colston and Koushik Saha‘s Collaborative piece

The writing part was done by Douglas Colston who was inspired by the old scriptures from Chinese, Old Norse and Latin civilisations. His text is somewhat an artistic blend of translation and interpretations. He calls his text as Organising and arranging – including spinning and weaving fabric or composing poetry – may be associated with groups of people or living tissue … such weaving may be formative, uniting, alternative or staggering

In the process of organising and arranging

the spirit of a sage

does, arrives, happens or occurs –

burning envoys or messengers

is petty, ignorable and infantile.

Leadership is subordinate to

the optimal potential of each emerging moment

(the aim, standard and criterion).

In ancient times,

houses of worship or religious organisations

were genuine tools, means and ways.

An implement, instrument or tool

classifies, ranks or grades

the weaving (or protection).

Tools (including records or documents)

breathing venerable and august

accords with superlative

groups of responsible people.

To arouse, lead!

Little messengers or notes are

organised and governed.

The ship ‘low’:

the group that is indecisive

and vacillating.

Work, creativity and compositions

conveying, presenting or removing

the inviolable exist.

To be pure and sinless

(or ordained and sanctified)

is the goal that encourages

a few assemblies

under the control of leadership

with insignificant queries, findings and footprints.

Editor’s Note: This particular text from Mr. Colston appeared unique in its conception. The original texts are in Chinese, Old Norse and Latin. The text itself talks about certain esoteric ideas which are made to come in a confluence by the author. It was felt that an abstract art with symbols might add more layers to this text and hence came this collaborative piece.

Douglas Colston – who finds himself approaching his mid-50s and living at the Sunshine Coast in Australia – has played in Ska bands, picked up university degrees, supported his parents during terminal illnesses, married his love, fathered two great children, had his inheritance embezzled, transitioned into Counselling as a vocation and experienced chronic mental and physical illnesses consequential to workplace harassment. Now, among other things, he is pursuing a PhD. As for his publishing history throughout 2022, his fiction, nonfiction and poetry has been published in traditional and online anthologies and journals including: POETiCA REViEW; Otherwise Engaged Literary and Arts Journal; Written Tales; Inlandia; The Graveyard Zine; The Antonym; Rue Scribe; Mercury Retrograde; The Seattle Star; Revue {R}évolution; Impspired; Ygdrasil, A Journal of the Poetic Arts; New Note Poetry; Red Door Magazine; and New World Writing.
Koushik Saha is an avid art enthusiast who is building a career in Graphic Designing. His hobbies include Theatre, Photography, Painting, Travelling. He hails from Panagarh, Paschim Bardhaman, West Bengal.

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