Aniket Banerjee‘s poem: A Christmas Wish

Let the freezing snow be covered with the warmth of life,

Let the love of life be seen in the red and white letters,

Let note one, but thousands of old Santas come down with bags of desire!

I want to see which gift will make the inner glass glow.

Which gift  will quench the greedy wishes and happiness will come, I want to know.

The blackish sky could have been cleaner,

The pine leaves could have been greener,

Let the snow of mercy fall on all of us,

Let the reindeer drag away gifts of this Christmas!

Aniket Banerjee is a 24 years old Bcom graduate, currently living in Panagarh, West Bengal. He has been working as a theatre artist since 4 years now and these days is focusing on his acting career. He also writes poems, stories, scripts etc. to express his thoughts.

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