Ayan Banerji‘s poem: Greenless

Childhood without green, everything is like a grid, 

not human beings, machine slaves,  mechanical donkeys everywhere. 


A student whose English is flawless 

gets a first class in the examination.

The green field in his neighbourhood remains unknown to him though.


He did not touch the cricket bat! 

Watched football from the distance, 

only Facebook chat or the “Temple Run” in leisure. 


I was weak as a teenager, 

Even in a weakly constructed uneducated society, 

suicide is a perversion of the teenage minds.

Even though Ayan is a graduated engineer, yet he could not find a job anywhere. Even though unemployment is constantly killing him, he writes his own writings for the sake of an insatiable love for literature. He has his own publication called “Anuvuti Prakashan” and he is also the editor of “Swetkolom” magazine (Bengali language).

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