Supurna Dasgupta‘s translation of Binoy Majumdar’s poem: A Resplendent Fish (Bengali to English)

A resplendent fish once flew up

in the air only to dive back again in the blue, clear water

And this pleasurable sight

Ripened the fruit with an aching bloody blush.

Threatened cranes fly, ceaselessly they flee

Since everyone knows that beneath their soft white down

There’s warm, warm flesh and fat.

Short rest stops by fatigued hillsides

All water-songs evaporate, and yet

At this time, you oh sea-creature, you…you…

Oh look at the scattered diseased trees

The expansive vegetation of all this world

Long, long sighs of exhaustion rage through it all;

Yet the trees and flowering plants stay apart in their plots

Dreaming of breathless unions.

Supurna Dasgupta is a PhD scholar at the University of Chicago in the department of South Asian Languages and Civilizations. In her spare time, she translates, embroiders, makes wishful travel plans, and teaches imaginary courses.

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