Debarag Banerjee‘s poem: A Tiger Kills

Honey is sweeter the deeper you go

In the green maze where tidal rivers flow

Up the shackles of deep mudflats

Breached fort of mangrove roots

Sun-kissed waving chaparrals

Sundari, the queen, stretches her boughs

Heavy with hives, buzzing, dripping nectar

Padma-madhu, the manna, the answer to prayers

Of a dry thatched roof, of lady love’s shy stares

In the deep hendal, a flicker, a tail

Something black.. nay orange, pale

Soft growl, a pounce, thud, a wail

Dangles alone a saree, tear-shorn

A memorial, a warning, to souls forlorn

 Debarag Banerjee is a Data Science executive and entrepreneur spanning continents in his desire to make Artificial Intelligence more natural.  He has been photographing nature -mostly birds and sunsets- for a while, and is recently dabbling in poetry.  

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