Sriparna Mitra‘s twin poems: Freedom In The Woods and And With A Smile, We Parted.

Freedom In The Woods
And With A Smile, We Parted

Decked with silence

Time traverses through

the wreathed beads of pearls ,

The wavering flow of memories

Pierces the edges of endless curls

Arousing pleasures in secret .


The colossal tapestry of time burns ,

Shadows of existence seems like a dried wound ,

Unfettered wings with a hollow vision ,

Prancing within the peripheral round.


Freedom in the woods linger

As time slips from the surreal blue ,

Verdurous plain in silence slithers

Glimmering with fluorescent hue.

It was midnight 

But the night was not so dark 

In our imagination we wandered 

Over the starry islands, 

Our eyes met 

When sang the morning lark .


The dream has now shattered 

Pieces of unfettered realities 

embrace to bid adieu, 

Time has unfold our written destiny ,

And with a smile , we part 

Promising a day new.


But forget not that nothing has ended yet,

In the whirlpool of time 

Everything happens for a cause, 

Drops of memories linger

To embrace the crimson sunset, 

We will be together one day,

We have nothing to lose .

Sriparna has completed Masters in English Literature and Language. Words come to her as rain come in Monsoon . She pens down the thoughts that come to her mind and thus born a piece of art . Her poems delineate the internal anatomy of heart including a desire of longing , loneliness , solitude, silence , darkness , love , existence with the contour of ceaseless introspection. Recently, two of her poems have published in an international anthology “Paradise On Earth: An International Anthology, Volume II’ .

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