Pawel Markiewicz‘s poem: Apollonian beauty of the world

We think of the fascinating charm.

We fantasise about wizardry. 

We ponder on the amazing bard.

We reflect on poetic beauty.

We muse about astonishing moon.

 We dream of the surprising vessel.

We philosophise about fair throne.

We describe awesome Indian summer.

We ruminate on the brilliant pearls.

We remember overwhelming sun.

We commemorate impressive tides.

We daydream of bewildering soul.

We recall the staggering sailor.

We contemplate the breathtaking storm.

Note from the poet: A formal legitimation, that substantiates the using of the wordlet: nightingalelet by me is the German DICTIONARY by Jacob Grimm from 1889, that includes a diminutive: NACHTIGÄLLCHEN , n . kleine nachtigall – translating: small nightingale. It is about the results of a method: comparative linguistics. Besides, it is justified, because both languages were historically related.

Paweł Markiewicz was born 1983 in Siemiatycze in Poland. He is poet who lives in Bielsk Podlaski and writes tender poems, haiku as well as long poems and flash fiction. Pawel‚ has published his poetries in many magazines. He writes in English and German.

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