Chidiebere Enyia‘s twin poems: Voice of the Nigerian workers and The Massacre

Voice of the Nigerian workers
The Massacre

We are the Nigerian workers

crushed by the hikes of

fuel, food and fees.

We understand no subsidy

We have heard so many speeches

We cannot accept stories of subsidies.

We are the Nigerian workers

Suffering and smiling 

under the weight of cruel laws

that restricts us from achieving 

our dreams and aspirations.

We are the needy Nigerians 

Improvised by leaders whose 

sons and daughters flies jet 

to attend parties.


We chose to march barefoot

to register our anger against 

those who loot our common wealth

and present smooth smiling face 

to our plights.

It came to pass in lekki

In the year 2020

In the month of October

That the EndSARS protest

Initiate the journey of our revolution.


In the early hours

of a Tuesday morning

The world awakes with

the news of sorrow and

death of armless protesters 

masterminded by those

who oppressed us.


The noise of barking guns

rents the air, fear, panic and

pain served in anxiety and bitterness.

Loss, waiting and mourning 

beclouds the land with tears 

of grief.

Chidiebere Enyia is an author based in Owerri Imo State. He writes poetry, short story and essays. He is a journalist and an environmental activist. He is the author of Once Upon A Hard Time (novel) and Chants of a Messenger Poet (poetry). He has been published in journals and Anthologist, Magazines and Newspapers. His area of interest is in African literature, Modern European literature and Oral literature. He is a performing poet and Columnist with National Newsbreak.

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