Fabrice Poussin‘s twin poems: Consciousness in the sane and Journey

Consciousness in the sand

Pounds of gold in the sky

for gilded days to extend

to a certain eternity they can afford

on the souls of the billion poor corpses

they trampled along their march

for fame in dusty history books.

It is life they seek

against nature as even stars perish

since they believe it is the privilege

of the rich to prolong their years

them who did so much to advance

progress and leave behind those who made it possible.

With fiery gazes flowing in evil arrogance

they claim their entitlement to the universe

so they will make new bodies for themselves

save precious moments into the sand

without feelings or sensations they will

lie awake for eternity on a bed of wires.

Perhaps they missed the dreams of Shelley

Stoker, Rice and their worldly cohorts?

Have they not seen all the shows

haunted by human monstrosity and the living dead

when even ghosts of our ancestors tremble

and heaven’s gate threaten to close.

We may go to a place where no man has gone before

conquer planets and even galaxies far away

but I fear we have been told by their erudite friends

men of deep science with bulging wallets

that even the sun will someday need eternal rest.

So goodbye I say to these men

who claim a right above all humankind

to establish misery throughout the realm

so they may swim in endless seas

with two or three of their wealthy brothers

and never again know the pleasure of suffering.

Silly it is to seek a beginning

to this journey through the stars.

They can’t remember the moment

of awakening quite yet.

She ponders aeons of apparent darkness

without colour, flavour or physicality.

Restless upon the cover of milky pathways

first fibres jerk as in a vibrant dream.

New souls will inhabit the corporal masses

for a moment lost in infinite time.

Another morrow will mark a new home

beneath the warm light of the unknown 

Carried upon the waves of a perfect dawn

this multitude will travel endlessly.

I too, hidden in accidental shelters

will walk alongside these eternal adventurers.

As once on the road to a luscious vale

I spied marvels in all sizes with humble awe.

It must be known of our great fortune

which allows for us to always become.

With them and in them one I fathom your eyes

meek as I in the face of this wondrous creation.

This place in space, far away in time we will

wander mysterious realms constantly changing.

For there will be no destination to our steps

but now only everywhere and forevermore. 

Poussin teaches French and English at a university in Georgia, USA. His work in poetry and photography has appeared in Kestrel, Symposium, The Chimes, and many other publications worldwide. In August 2021, his collection “In Absentia,” was published by Silver Bow Publishing. Another collection, “If I Had a Gun,” will be published by the end of 2022. 

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