Hanzala Mojibi‘s trio of poems

the revolution

i found solace in Her arms.

coiled close, i found

solace from the

sickening stench

of burning tires

of burning buses

of burning blood on concrete roads.

Her hair smells so


i think i will stay.

i tell myself again.

i hold myself back

lest the facade of another revolution

strangle my brittle bones

and poison me.

i want to stay.

i am yet to realise

the revolution lies in her arms.

In Memory of a Dancing Daffodil.

And when the paper blank remains

Yet in my mind a chain of thoughts

A rumble does much fervour gain

A ramble with no motive brought

I see the eye that eye does not

And in that eye I do believe

A dancing daffodil I rought

And so my words then do conceive

city of disquiet


i have walked these streets

some hundred times

i have smiled at that very junction

where the sun peeks

between the broken wall and the

aching neem.

these streets that i like to call mine

have seen me in a stupor,

weeping till my shirt imitated

summer on chilly days.

these dogs that don’t know my name

and neither i, theirs, know enough that

i am a feeding hand.

i have set out to wander aimlessly

but this city draws a purpose in me;

many a times- a purposeless one.

crackling horns do not faze me,

the only gift this city has given me.

yes, it did give me more

but took it away just as soon.

i am a feeling of disquiet within Myself

and i think today,

my city feels the same.

Hanzala Mojibi is a literature student from Delhi, India. Poetry holds an important place in his life. He fluctuates between being an orthodox writer and free verse rebel. He wishes to continue writing, for himself and for others, for change and for smiles, for passion and for rationale.


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