Nishant Paul‘s poem: Oblivion

I’d have all the time in the world then

And I could let myself

Get carried away

When an emotion would emerge within;

A whiff of a poem just behind!

Words would swirl and swoon about

On their own

To rhyme

To express

To make sense

To move

And I’d happily let them.

I’d just stand

And observe

The silent beating and music

Of the movement of those words.

They’d rise

They’d change

They’d disappear

They’d reappear

They’d arrange

And they’d spur more emotions!

A moment would come

When I’d grab hold

Of a pen

And a paper

And let my mind

Let go

All that stands worded

But not yet expressed

In motions of lines and angles and curves!

A big relief

It’d seem by the end

That all that longed to be heard

Is somewhat settled.That was the past though

It’s no longer the present.

Now words don’t swoon or swirl

But stay deeply hidden

From view

Be it any day

Of the week

Or be it any month

Of the year;

They remain bedridden

As if badly caged in a zoo

Unable to break free

Of something powerful and passive.

At times

They are able to break free though

When songs, be they any,


Me and the words!


With beats rising

And going down

Tickle the words into being


And they rise

And they change

And they disappear

And they reappear

And they arrange

And spur more emotions

And also start to settle

Until the songs

Run out of steam

And gone are the beats

And the words settle back

Into oblivion

Their current desired state of being.

Nishant Paul is a mental-health counselor. He often finds that he gains a better understanding of life and himself when he engages with words. And therefore, apart from reading as much as he can, he attempts to engage in writing whenever he senses that something is wanting to be found from within. This poem was previously published on his blog – Words As They Come

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