Argha De‘s poem: the process of loss

Have you seen how it rains?

Not on one particular day,

but how summer gives birth to monsoon?


That first rain is never alone.

It comes in the arms of a tumultuous storm-

Nature’s wrath

translated to winds,

Lightnings scorch the skin.


It wrings petrichor from the bosom of the earth and

with it, memories.

The second rain follows.

Rage, water, smell.


The third, fourth and fifth fall the same,

by the sixth or the seventh, the anger is lost.

It drips, maybe grumbles a little but mainly, it

just pours its tears in straight lines.

No more shouting, no more pain.


Is this how we learn to cope with loss?

Argha De is a research scholar at Visva-Bharati University and dreams of writing his own book one day. He spends his free time writing short poems and writeups under the pseudonym “hawkwing” on his Instagram handle. Recently, one of his poems was published in an international anthology ‘Paradise on Earth: Volume 2’. Besides writing, he loves reading books, watching cinema, following football and F1.

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