Shubhangi Tyagi‘s photostory: Interference, Noise and Time

Interference :
Nature no longer natural: No longer being revered by us. It is in fact being slashed, trashed by
human greed. An unending ever-widening onslaught….
Noise (Persistent interference):
The noise, the ceaseless hummm of humanity has shattered nature’s peace into pieces, into
bits and bytes, into waves, craves and glitches
Time (Perspectives):
How we see, what we observe depends upon where we position ourselves and in what direction
we will go.

Artist Statement – As an Artist, I see myself as a bridge to connect different aspects in surroundings and reform them with an optimistic approach. I intend to develop a visual language which can help create a space and dialogue for the viewer to perceive the presence and correlation of different elements across varied circumstances.

In this photographic series, I have worked with one photograph & presented it in three different ways.I have always believed that nature we see around & the nature of humans has a profound give & take relationship. They both are on a voyage together.

The journey of transformation from void to hopes- from being disturbed at the sight to exploring the aspect of hope & positivism is what my series depicts. My experiences & understanding of nature I am surrounded by acts as silent inspirations for my work.

Can’t we just take a pause & stop underestimating the importance of forest/trees in our survival ?

Shubhangi is a young visual artist, trained as sculptor from Brij Mohan Sharma. She did her Master of Fine Arts from College Of Art, University of Delhi. Public Interactions, collaborations & social engagements are the main aspects of her work, whereas her practices are multi dimensional in character which includes drawing, sculpture photography, installation, site-specific art & performances. She has been recognised & awarded by the Ministry of Culture, government of India & exhibited her work nationally.

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