Muhammed Munavver‘s photostory: Ludo


(Survival, hunting, competition, coexistence)

Ludo’s exploration of the basic characteristics of survival, hunting, competition, and coexistence .Ludo seems to have entertained the politics of human existence from ancient times to the present.

Players will be aware of hunting and survival strategies at the same time.  The goal of each player is to make the ultimate goal of the match his own.  The invisible force that determines numbers always ends in disputes.

The survival of the human race is made possible by the constant competition for natural resources.  What is viable survives and what is not perishes.

Other players will form a cooperative movement for the common goal of hunting down the one who wins the game and at the same time be alert to his goals. ‘Before sex you help each other to get naked and after sex, you only dress your self.’  Can be seen in the back.

The ultimate goal of life is to live ….


Muhammed Munavver hails from Wayanad, Kerala. He is a student in the college of Quran. His interests include diversity of language and folk culture.

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