Ivan Jenson‘s photostory: Phantom of the Phantasm

From crystal clear 

to out-of-focus 

my vision is 

mostly hocus-pocus 

from my dream 

of spotting my 

perfect Pocahontas 

in the New York 


to my over abundance 

of inner reflection 

sparkling in my iris 

like guilty-pleasure 


I am just overly 


like a pre-histrionic 



every beautiful thing 

in this enchanted forest 

a long-in-the-tooth 

literary sorcerer’s apprentice 

who learned how 

to begin but not 

how to end 

this overflowing 

life and death 


Ivan Jenson is a fine artist, novelist and a popular contemporary American poet. Ivan’s poetry is widely published in the US, the UK and throughout Europe. Jenson has numerous novels and a collection of poems published. Ivan’s thriller novel, “The Murderess” is now available in kindle and hardcover on Amazon. His new  thriller novel, “The Widow” will be released in March 2022. (www.IvanJenson.com)

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