Preethy‘s poem: Wiped Out

Before I lose the key to your world

Before we become absolute strangers

Before the layers of darkness

Engulf you in a bubble

Let me note this down,

Remains of me in your memories

About the once existed us.


Glimpses of our journey

Flashes before me

Somewhere you stumbled

While running together

My stretched hands couldn’t

Hold up the drowning you

I watch you being drenched in it

With an innate helplessness


Life is thieving you away

I wish to be detached of

Everything, but the memories

Keep hurting and I wake up

Fearing the day I get

Erased out of you

You being confused

And lost petrifies me

I break down at the chaotic

Chaos surrounding us but

Stands up again

Only to shield you


Feeling dichotomous guilt

Of having loved and not

loved enough, made

Letting go not that easy

For the cleaned, ironed clothes

Still smells you, of the scented

Ink, sweat and sandalwood

Perfect evenings with baked

Banana cakes and jaggery coffee

Tastes you, but I miss the secret

Ingredients of your recipe

Ringtones, calling bells and

The radio sounds you

Worn out pages of my diary

Now wet with tears, remind you.


I crave to delve deep in the wild

To pen a poem for you,

Inked in silences, one

That soothes you

A word that we can meet

Again as strangers somewhere

With no residue of love and

Expectations out of it.

Preethy is pursuing post graduation in women’s studies from the University of Calicut. She hails from Thodupuzha in Idukki district. Writing poems is a passion for her and a means of venting out.

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