Argha De‘s poem: 2:12

It’s two in the morning, I’m tidying my bed.

The night air- chilly, a half-baked moon hangs in the western sky, peeps

Through the window, bids me goodbye.


There is something sad about cloudy nights;

Something I cannot put my finger on-

The world feels lonelier than it should be

And I have a duty to grieve at this hour tonight.


All the things that should be

But have never been…

I smile with the sun, grieve with the moon

Only the moonlight reaches those crevices in my heart the sun will never see…


It’s two ten in the morning, I open my eyes.

The hour has come- it is time to die.

An owl hoots outside.

I play Chopin on YouTube, the music takes my soul

My eyes are tired, my heart weary

I wish I could share this moment with someone who could drink in the silence and…


It’s two twelve in the morning. It is time to die.

Argha De is a research scholar at Visva-Bharati University and dreams of writing his own book one day. He spends his free time writing short poems and write-ups under the pseudonym “hawkwing” on his Instagram handle. Recently, one of his poems was published in an international anthology ‘Paradise on Earth: Volume 2’. Besides writing, he loves reading books, watching cinema, following football and F1.

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