Ivan Jenson‘s poem: Empty Nest

You promised

that it would all

come full circle

for me

like a cast

or class reunion

and I would do

a victory lap

around the lap

of luxury

and you said

I would look

around to see

loved ones

surround me

dancing round

and round

like a marching band

not like this accusatory

Custer’s last stand

because blame is

the only thing being

passed from hand to hand

and now nobody’s buying

the family brand

and to think Yoko

didn’t even break

up this band

Ivan Jenson is a fine artist, novelist and a popular contemporary American poet. Ivan’s poetry is widely published in the US, the UK and throughout Europe. Jenson has numerous novels and a collection of poems published. Ivan’s thriller novel, “The Murderess” is now available in kindle and hardcover on Amazon. His new  thriller novel, “The Widow” will be released in March 2022.  (www.IvanJenson.com)

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