Shombuddha Majumdar’s poem: the nights here have an ochre glow

the nights here have an ochre glow 

neon signs, streetlights and bedrooms windows 

cars dancing to the strobe of a traffic signal blinking yellow

we’re surrounded by redwoods, banyans, sequoias, and pines 

bustling with life inside but concrete, fossilised 

all glass, not green, reaching just as fast for the sky  

amongst the plastic, the providence, and the perverse

i embrace you deeply till my heart is ready to burst

praying that it all, especially us, can last for a million years

Shombuddha is a radical poet who wishes poetry was taught differently in school. He writes all manners of things. Other examples of his self-coined anti-poetry can be found at @crapowski on Instagram.

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