Rutika Deshmukh‘s poem: Today was different

I woke up with the hope of new beginning,

The rising sun was introducing me to the beauty of new day,

And the fading darkness was telling me to let go the wounds of yesterday,

Today was different….

Even in the clamor of city, my mind felt peace,

The storm in my mind was quite and the refreshing cup of tea and book was enough to make me smile

Today was different……

I’ve painted my soul with the colors of self- love,

And suddenly all my insecurities are going away,

All I can see is a beautiful me, with scars healing

Today was different –

The moon has arrived,

But my hope is still with me,

Today after a long time I was me,

I didn’t have to put on any disguise

Today was different –

When I closed my eyes,

There are only dreams

Nightmares have disappeared

And all I can see is beautiful beginning

Finally I’ve won the battle with myself for me, within me

And at last I’ve met me

Today was different –

I’m not waiting for anyone

I’ve me and that’s enough

Now ahead of time,

For me there is a new beginning

Everyday is blessing

Every moment is a gift

Today was different.

Rutika is currently pursuing her graduation in mass media. Loves writing, specially about the emotions we’re too scare share, about the life one wants to embrace, about the lessons one’s learning through the experiences of life. Through writing she’s trying to find the answer of question – what is life.

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