Anannya Dasgupta‘s poem: What Can I do to Help?

As if a movie script, unfolding shot-by-shot are scenarios – different ways in which

disaster comes unannounced. What if this, then what? What if that then when? 

What if it is not when but how?

in the hands

of a laughing child –


yanked back

to being a spectator

– gadget screens


Note: This poem was posted as a part of daily practice (riyaaz) on, a blog which Anannya creates every year for the month of April to celebrate a month of poetry.

Anannya is a poet and artist who lives in Chennai. Her haiku, haibun and haiga can be found in Failed HaikuRight Hand Pointing  and Sonic Boom. She is also the director of the Centre for Writing and Pedagogy at Krea university. 

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