Akhil Katyal’s translations of Amir Khusro’ two riddles. (Hindustani to English)

एक गुनी ने ये गुन कीना,

हरियल पिंजरे में दे दीना।

देखो जादूगर का कमाल,

डारे हरा निकाले लाल।।



A trickster did a trick so cool

Put a parrot in a cage, now you’ll

See how fleek his magic’s been

He pulls out red what went in green.


Answer – Paan

एक थाल मोती से भरा।

सबके सिर पर औंधा धरा।

चारों ओर वह थाली फिरे।

मोती उससे एक न गिरे॥


उत्तर – आकाश

A plate filled with pearls

Lies flipped on every head

North south east & west it swirls

But doesn’t drop the pearls 


Answer – Sky

Akhil Katyal is a professor of English literature, a poet and a translator who works out of Delhi.

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