Rituparna Datta’s photostory: The palaces: history, decadence, and modern celebrations

This photo-story is an abstract take on the idea of renovating the old palaces and slipping them into the hospitality industry. The photographer captures some frames and interprets them from a unique perspective.

The past hides behind some of those pillars, beneath the cornices of memories, or they are juxtaposed to the consumer’s enthusiasm as a commodity. What remains at the end are some containers, half-filled, or half-empty – that we might we never know.

How much does it take to preserve or even attempt to stop a decadence? How much does it take to see the powerful past slowly sublimate into the ether of time, may be through a window of unwanted diffidence.


You walk in through the carefully remastered door, in anticipation of reliving a past of glory and you meet with the silence of maquillage – one that learns to live with a new skin.

The corridors that held the carefully or hastily taken steps, the couches where abundance was taken for granted are waiting now behind the pillars, concealing the lost stories behind the renovated pillars. Can we dig them out or they are to be left to themselves?

Rituparna is a corporate business consultant and engagement manager, whose passion lies in travelling. Marathon, hiking, long drive trips – she has done it all.

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