Pritha Banerjee Chattopadhyay and Shamin Kulkarni‘s collaborative work: Awkward Silence and Collecting Dues

Shamin Kulkarni wanted a few lines that would help him take random images, a mark of his collecting dues from his being on a solo journey and his artistic self. DoubleSpeak reached out to Pritha Banerjee Chattopadhyay for some words that can inspire Shamin, even in the most obscure manner. The result is this photostory.

I'm not likely to be quiet. You'll hear my voice first in any gathering, often pouring words in an awkward silence. I'm not likely to get lost. I hum a tune to myself whether or not anyone else is interested to lend their ears. But it has not always been like that. I go first because now I know there's never a right time to make things good, I talk because silences don't mend anything, I sing for myself because I've learnt no beat will be happy enough. I'm not likely to be caught sad because my mask is custom made. My calendars don't mark the monsoon, even on pages with pictures of greenish grey foothill slopes where it's hard to tell mist from rain. I've heard immigration checks in some countries allow all the Julys and Augusts you can save up. They are likely to be surprised. I'm not yet done collecting.

Pritha is a high school teacher who teaches English Literature. An avid reader she wonders and finds ways to challenge the limitation of her knowledge and understanding of literature and life every time she opens a book. She scribbles to straighten the myriad, incoherent thoughts that do not allow her to rest in peace. She loves to travel and anything musical.
Shamin is the lead editor of photography in DoubleSpeak. He is an FTII alumni and a professional cinematographer whose passion lies in still photography. Loves cinema, travelling and his close group of friends.

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