Hargun Gujral and Koushik Saha‘s collaborative piece: Loss

Editor’s Note: Hargun had a few lines, coming out as stream of consciousness, for the idea of loss. She needed some anchor to just take them out. Koushik who is an artist used his brush to provide that anchor. Thus came into life this collaborative piece taking us through how one can navigate loss.

Loss of Youth: “One day you’re dancing with your entire life behind you. On the other side, it reverts back to orchestrate your every move”

Loss of Identity: “Reaching out to you is all I knew dear Self! In the vain attempt to find the one me, I let go of several me-s”

Loss of Space: “There is so much of you in me, I wonder if this is my face anymore?”

Loss of Control: “That game of chess we played every day, very quickly turned into that of snakes and ladders”

Loss of Loved one: “How do you define what is no more? I tend to find it in every nook and corner these days”

Loss of Home: “That whiff of her body scent on the cushion she would fluff each time I’d finish watching TV. Oh! How much the home spoke to me of her until it became a house again after she left”

Hargun is a professional Counselling Psychologist and Expressive Arts Based Therapist, who mostly works with school students. Between her sessions with the different thoughts and expressions of those young minds, she loves to keep a book to gather her thoughts and express them through a story made with images.
Koushik Saha is an avid art enthusiast who is building a career in Graphic Designing. His hobbies include Theatre, Photography, Painting, Travelling. He hails from Panagarh, Paschim Bardhaman, West Bengal.

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