Paromita Goswami‘s poem: Mayan Cacao

My first sip of you

Was a shock of chilly

And deep molten chocolate

Mayan civilization

Or Maya of the tantra

I know not

Nidra refused

to touch me

that night

I went back to Marc’s Cafe.

The tall boyish-look man

with no moustache

smiled, and said,

There was no caffeine

            in it,

                     if that’s what

                                  you are asking

Perhaps it was

too sweet for you?

Do I cut

the chocolate by half?

Oh dear life!

Who wants you

if after Mayan Cacao

there are no red lips

from hot rush of


Or caffeine,

as the case may be

Who cares to live,


Red lip-less?

I would rather be

left kajal-d

with sleepless-eyes

Than be left

so un-kissed

Paromita Goswami is a Professor of Marketing and Social Innovation at Shiv Nadar at Shiv Nadar Institute of Eminence. She pens poetry for the joy of it, and has recently used it for data analysis in academic research. Marc’s Cafe is in Auroville, Tamil Nadu and into sustainable coffee culture.

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