Joel Oyeleke Ifeoluwa‘s poem: Blood Is But A Liquid I Drank With The Mouth Of A Sniper

I am that young, aging blood existing on the field
Of sacrifice for battles,
I am that citizen that 
has become a territorial
Protector to my fellow humans,
You may think me 
too strict, 
Or perhaps rugged, 
or even overly serious
But do you care to know the pains,
The tearing of my flesh; the agony,
The bitter sweet near death experiences,
The gunful revelations and separation from home.

I live as if I am dead,
I die in war so others can live in peace,
Am locked up in servitude to my fatherland,
I hold my pistol as a rule to strive,
I am licensed to kill yet am not a murderer,
Oh! Are my eyes not being brutalized 
By gruesome situations,
Painful explosions; vivid losses it witnesses?
If I recount what I went through to 
De-civilianize myself, 
I weep gladly,
Lo! I spray bullets 
on the enemy knowing 
That this path is 
no retreat, no surrender.

I am a man, woman, 
husband, wife, 
father, mother or even lover
Yet blood is a liquid I have drank with the mouth of a sniper,
Flesh and bones remind me I am a whole new personality,
But don’t forget
This mine skin is of mortality,
I am a fighter, a warrior, 
a fearless entity,
I smell death and inhale life,
I am breathless yet existing,
I can cry too, I can laugh too, 
I can live life too,
I am a soldier, yes! I am still human,
So when I return home 
physically or across the bar,
Bade me welcome and 
replicate my sacrifice 
With a genuine appreciation 
from your soul,
I deserve accolades both on 
earth and in the afterlife.  

Joel Oyeleke Ifeoluwa, (Word Commander V), author of THE THEM IN ME (DIREWORDS 2022) is a budding poet, student, avid reader, literary enthusiast and writer from Osun state, Nigeria. A personality with flair for reading, teaching, writing and speaking to like minds. He is running an undergraduate of Literature in English at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Osun state, Nigeria. He keeps his poems simple yet deep and real. He has poems published on outlookIndia, poemify, ourpoetryarchive, yellowhouselibrary, poetryplanetbookpublishinghouse,, 7th Chinua Achebe Essay/Poetry anthology, storymirror, artingarena, ajakayereaderscorner, and elsewhere. He is a lover of God and someone who loves to inspire young ones like him.

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