Sanil M Neelakandan‘s trio of poems


waiting is a much abused word

your pickle, out of the word

needs another word

much heard much read

much pampered much beatified

dawn and dusk out of the paralysed life

retrieves the confession about the convoluted

to spread the chess board of novelty


Romantic’s flower on the critic’s laptop

visualisation of the socialist-realist rituals

existence and essence in the mall of the modern,

postmodern nudity across the graffiti-

theory cries for its paradigm shifts

feudal professors collect the glossary

to vomit the said as the unsaid

decolonising didi is on her way to her colonial uncle.

Meet the urban

the rural and the urban

the old mantra needs to be fixed 

paste the surveillance on the slums

capital and the margins through the age old common sense

diagrams and designs from their grave

ferment it in the social theory of everything

dish that may sound as the new 

chefs are colourful though

diverse and departing 

subjects with its hackneyed yawns

Sanil M Neelakandan is a writer and independent researcher based in New Delhi. He received his Ph.D. and M.Phil. degree in Sociology from the Centre for the Study of Social Systems, Jawaharlal Nehru University, He has been published in Nether Quarterly,Double Speak Magazine,Capital & Class journal, Jounal of Social Inclusion,Diotima journal etc.He is the recepient of the Kerala Sahitya Acadmy’s C.B.Kumar Endowment for the essay.He writes in Malayalam and English.

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