Denny Tomas‘s poem: The Cost Of Nothingness

For Keenan Tyberius Gutierrez; and for everyone, keep holding on.

The Cost Of Nothingness

On a moonless night

In the ceaseless abyss

The stars offered him eternity

“Will it hurt?”, asked he

Songs of melancholy filled the air

Tightly embraced by his own despair

In a moment brief, he understood

He trudged to the nearest water

Entranced by its call, mind un-obscured

Towards inevitability, the finality – closer

The river cold runs unending

It beckoned him for a kiss

Staring at his own reflection

He sees no worth, value, reason

So, come, come now and take it

Take the cold river’s calming overture

The sky cleared her dark clouds,

yet provided no warmth nor comfort

An invitation, rather

An extending hand, cold yet dry

He reached for it to grab on,

He heard babbles to let it go

A promise made, to be broken not

At the end of it all is a rope in a knot

Suspended with it was the last breath

With dangling feet,

The light fades

He gracefully danced with Death

On a moonless night

In the ceaseless abyss

The stars whispered,

“No, not for you – for everyone who loved you.”

Denny Tomas A.K.A. “Mr. D” to his students is a man of many expertise: Romancer-extraordinaire, bookdragon, photographer, purveyor of kindness, master winker, teacher, professional high-fiver and fist-bumper.

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