Eftichia Kapardeli‘s trio of poems.

The Stone Flower
It’s Time
Dream Stars

A stone flower of winter

my heart

its roots imprisoned, heavy

are immersed in the soil, without colour.

The rings of time

in a fiery rain, wrapped

red mud, crumble.

A piece of sweet sounds

in the celestial light transforms me

golden skyline with veins of light


Serene stars wake me up

tender souls … look like

with red blood my roots

they water the dreams

the stem is decorated with new flowers

that their petals in the passage

of the New Wind are painted

with a thousand colours.

My home I built with

blue stars stars

which fell on the earth

and the sea still

in a child’s hand

prisoner stays

on a horizon

white touch her

Love in heart is sculpting

The streets became clouds

thirsty for rain and


honeybee who asks for the fruit

to the flowers

It is time to share new light

to uproot anger

with kisses and sweet tears

to share moments

the hours they hunt grow

the bonds of time

It is time for pay

the mind is poured on

speechless century as mature

lust as a heart


I forgot with the morning breeze

in a dream window

in one decorated with sapphires

and emerald flowers sky

Somewhere far in the river

people like birds

hid in the shadows, alone


The first rays engulfed with fire

Our names in

trunks of large trees

at the first of farewell time


Dream stars dimmed by light

in the depths of infinity 

they are lost sweet

soul roses golden.

Eftichia Kapardeli writes poetry, stories, short stories, haiku and essays bilingually in Greek and English. She has a degree as an art conservator. She studied journalism from A.K.E.M. and achieved many awards in national competitions. She is a renowned anthologist and has many national and international anthologies to her credit. She is a member of the World Poets’ society and poetas del mundo , member of the IWA,member of Ε.Ε.Λ.Σ.Π.Η The Union of Greek Writers-Authors of the Five Continents , member of the INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF GREEK LITERATURES-ARTISTS-DEEL https://somateiodeel.blogspot.com/ and PEL (the world association of writers in Greece) Panhellenic Union of Writers http://eftichiakapa.blogspot.gr/2013_10_01_archive.html, where had been selected the best translator. She is a member of BOARD OF DIRECTORS of the magazine ATUNIS GALAXY POETRY (atunispoetry.com). She is the General Secretary of Poetry and Literature World Vision.

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