Dessy Tsvetkova‘s quartet of poems.


I’m traveling

on the overhead rails

of migratory birds.


I’m hanging on the wires

landing on the roofs

peering through the chimneys

I’m checking

are they happy

the people in the house.

I continue south

I become part of the flock.

I like it better

to see the world

from the top,

higher is safer.

Moods migrate with no frames,

priceless moments are landed.

I took them from the chest of time,

we’re smoothing out brand new figures,

as candles.

We are accumulating

our personal chronicle

and we try to elevate it.

Playable mini Game of Thrones,

somewhere someone has to climb.

Through the golden ether we peer,

we want time to stop rambling.

But we run faster and faster,

we cannot outsmart him.

Eh, everything changes

only the water is the same lasting

and remembers everything.


The waves are on

the way today.

The sky is golden.

Over the horizon

comes news.

Saint Nicholas sat

down on the sand.

And with a white

hand he caressed

the sea.

Unseen blessing

above the deep.

The sailor continues

somewhat more


And the fish came 

to the shallows.

I’m learning to fly

every day.

The sand

in the clock tower

is quietly bubbling.

I open palms full of hope.

Life begins with every new dream.


I’m getting younger.

It’s from the imagination.

A grown up ugly duckling,

wild swan of the tenth realm.

Homeless seagull,

only next to the water

found peace.

I’m learning to fly every day.


Dessy Tsvetkova is Bulgarian who writes also in English. She has 5 poetry books in Bulgarian, 1 in English – Wind whispers, and she compiled an anthology with translated Bulgarian authors, called River of words. Her poems are published in magazines and anthologies in Bulgaria, Belgium, India, UK, USA, Romania, Albania, Serbia, Poland, Russia, Indonesia and Mexico. She is member of Flemish Party for Poetry, as she lives in Belgium. In May 2022 she won the 1st place for poetry in the World Literature Festival in Brashov, Romania.

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