Dušan Stojković‘s poem: XXII

In the dark I sculpt you with longing.

I create you from delusion.

From ashes and wind and water.

From fog and nothingness.


I sculpt a face without a face.

I sculpt a body without curves.

I see darkness in your hair.

I can wait for old age in her.

I carve reliefs and mountains and a stream.

The vortex that I blink arises.

I sculpt you in the dark with anxiety.

I make you out of betrayal.

From the thorn in the eye and the knife in the back.

From fog and nothingness.


I sculpt a face without a face.

I sculpt a body without curves.

Dušan Stojković was born on June 27, 1994 in Leskovac. He lives in Grdelica. Writer, poet and Lola’s unsuspecting lover. He writes for her, himself and all those who smell poetry. He published a collection of poetry “You are not cursed – it entered the chest, it left the chest”. It is represented in the international anthology “My Mother Tongue in Poetry”, with authors from Russia, Greece, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, France, Brazil, Cuba, Iraq, Italy, India, Colombia, as well as in the international poetry collection “Poets for Peace” published in Tunisia. Together with Jelena Sarić Cvetković, he is the founder of the Association MUK (Young Artists of Culture), as well as the deputy president of the Association. He is a member of the Association of Free Artistic Souls (USUD 016), the BUKA Association, as well as the International Association of Writers and Artists “Gorski Vidici”.

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